About Duct-Aid

Duct-Aid was founded in Southern Utah by a few individuals that simply wanted to make the world a safer place. Growing up where everyone would go camping, hiking, climbing, or out riding ATV’s, we grew up with a love of adventure.

Because of this, we felt a specific tinge of tragedy whenever an accident occurred on these adventures. This is what motivated us to start a company dedicated to avoiding any death simply because the supplies or knowledge were not available.

The idea of Duct-Aid came about by Mitchell J. Melling, MD. After years of working in the ER in small towns throughout Utah, he found several times that people's lives were saved by Duct Tape. He initially had the idea for this kit 20 years ago and has been developing the idea ever since. 

We've now developed the first medical grade duct tape, which can now be applied to open wounds. We have also designed an entire kit that fits inside the duct tape, which we claim can stabilize any emergency. With an eBook that shows step by step instructions on how to use our kit to take care of any injury, we are out to revolutionize the safety of America! The applications are endless, from those in the wilderness needing to take care of an emergency when hours from a hospital, to situations like live shooters or other tragedies. So, join our cause! Buy a kit today and help make your life a little safer. 



Mitch Melling

Mitch Melling

Mitch has been a physician for nearly 20 years in hospitals throughout the country. He has seen countless patients in varying situations throughout the years. Seeing farmers come in with Duct Tape patching up their injuries led to the creation of Duct-Aid’s Medical Grade Duct Tape. He is married with seven children, with the youngest graduating high school this year.



Wade Melling

Wade Melling

Wade Melling grew up outside. From playing sports, to camping in the mountains, he has always loved everything outdoors. Wade has a beautiful wife and three awesome kids, and they are an outdoor family. Duct-Aid really became a passion for Wade after having kids. He never wanted to experience an emergency without knowing how to take care of it.



Ryan Logan

Ryan Logan

Ryan is an outdoor enthusiast. His favorite job was working for a wilderness therapy program, where he would go out in the wilderness, cut off from electronics, for 15 days at a time. He finds himself most at peace when he is outside, disconnected from the business of society. He loves rock climbing, camping, mountain biking, and playing Viking chess. He and his wife have two little boys.